The Final NL Week – Ever!

Time to read – Hopefully by Friday 21st!

The final NL Week, ever!

Yes indeed, after ten years, this week sees the last ever NL week.

I have absolutely loved writing it, reading your responses (positive and negative) and been deeply humbled by the number of people who pass it on to others.

So, why am I calling it a day if I enjoy doing it so much?

Well, I am not – events have overtaken me, and indeed all of us.

Because of course this Friday 21 December the world is coming to an end.

And as the world will be ending, I thought it only respectful and proper to end NL Week.

Now, please forgive me, I have a book next to me called “The 5,000 places you must see before you die” and I must get onto my travel agent!

Actually, on second thoughts, if I have only a few days left, I am going to…

…What would you do if you only had four days left to live?

With my goodbyes, love and best wishes

David X

PS Unless it doesn’t happen, in which case see you for a Christmas Eve special!

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