The First Question You Ask When…

Time to Read – Oh, about 37 seconds

…you listen to people speaking about the phone hacking scandal, when you listen to any business presenter and that people ask when you are communicating, is not…

What’s in it for me?

That is the second question

The first question is this:

Does this person really believe what he/she is saying?

When listening to a speaker, have you noticed that if you don’t believe in them then you do not believe in the message?

So, next time you speak, do you really believe what you are saying?

If so, then say it

If not, then don’t

With my love and best wishes (and I mean that)

On the phone hacking affair, who have you believed? Tell me what you think here.


  • I believe that Rebekah wade knew about the hacking. How could she not?
    If you are the editor of a paper, then you are signing off the pages. It is beyond reason to think that she wouldn’t ask where a reporter got his or her stories from if they looked to be suspect.
    She wouldn’t keep signing off week after week if really personal stuff was being found out, a good editor would want to know where the strories came from and how they were obtained.

  • I find it hardly credible that the Murdochs didn’t know.
    If they were ringing regularly, it must have been known.
    Can’t wait for all the other papers to be found out. They have surely been involved. Phone hacking is commonplace. It was just the Milly Dowler situation that brought everything to a head.

  • The Murdochs knew. Of course they knew.
    As for Wade/Brooks, she looked guilty at the inquest. I reckon she was covering herself.
    She has done a lot to get to the top. Scmoozed in many cases. To think that she kept her job so others lost theirs is terrible. I agree with others. The paper was going to be shut in any case. And this was the excuse to get rid.

  • It’s a bit rich to say she schmoozed to the top. She obviously had a lot of ability to even come to Murdoch’s notice.

  • Talent gets you to a certain place and the rest can be manufactured with the right amount of concessions.

  • I agree, especially when a powerful man can entice a woman employee and offer her riches should she ‘comply.’
    Rebekah Wade was talented of course. But not sure she is an angel in this whole affair.

  • Rob

    She is very capable. Has proved that. Will be interesting.g to see where she ends up.

  • I think she will end up in journalism again. It’s inevitable.

  • She could end up in the hands of the law after the trial…

  • …hope she doesn’t unless of course she is found guilty of knowing the hacking is going on and then that becomes a different story.
    It will be fascinating to see the outcome of the case. And I too am sure there are other papers involved.

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