The Formula for Guaranteed Failure

Time to Read: Just a minute

Time to Listen: If you can be bothered!

The Formula for Guaranteed Failure 

Decide what you don’t want, give ownership of your life to someone else, and then, and most importantly,

do absolutely nothing.

In your life, your failure never happens by accident, it always comes as a result of you following a specific process, an exact formula. You have the right to know this formula and, when you apply it knowingly, your failure will be inevitable:

  1.   Have no clue whatsoever of where you want to Go – Focus every day on what you don’t want.
  2.   Make up excuses for where you are Now – after all, it’s not your fault… (It’s “the organisation” / Government / “them” – or, ideally,   all of them)
  3.   Know what you have to Do, to stay exactly where you Are – Discuss/debate/disagree (think a lot, talk even more).
  4.   Don’t Do it! – It’s all far too risky, tiring and pointless.

And if you do take action – by mistake, or if you are taken in by one of those silly leadership books…

Ask yourself: Does this action take me closer to where I or we want to Go?

If yes – stop it, now, before it becomes a habit. Erect your own barriers, fast, and then blame them.

If not – you had a go; it just didn’t work out, give up and go to bed.

Kiss Goodnight



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