The Magnificent Seven

Time to Read – A lot less than the film

Seven very powerful words to use – in countdown order:

7    Yet

The single word that tells you and others that you haven’t given up, and gives you a boost to keep going, as in: “I haven’t achieved that – yet” (“I will”).

6    Thank You

Massively powerful in so many situations – in reply to a nasty email, in response to feedback, and to accept a compliment (if it’s sincere – if not say “thank you” anyway).

5    Anyway

You won’t always be thanked for going that extra mile, go there, anyway. People will have a go at you for taking a stance, do it, anyway. Your children won’t know how much you loved them until they have their own children, love them anyway.

4    And

If you are in a meeting, and someone says “I hear what you say, but…” the hairs on the back of your neck actually stand on end, ready for a fight. However, replace it with “and,” followed by the same point you would have made after you said “but,” and the person will very likely agree with you! Bizarre.

3    Because…

The only single word that connects the conscious with the subconscious. When someone is speaking, we want to know “why?” Use this to transform your communications – followed by the reason of course.

2    Would

A little known secret word that gives power to the other person. Too often we “must” (must we?) or “will” (predict the future) or “should” all over ourselves – use this to get your children to go to bed on time. And let me know if it works – I have a 100% record – if it doesn’t work, I don’t want to know!

1    Name

Someone’s name – know it, use it, don’t overuse it.

And an 8th missing word will be covered in its own right next week.

Please let me know how you get on

With my love and best wishes

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