The No. 1 Disappearing Act

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Yesterday, The News of the World published for the final time – 165 years of history and the biggest selling English language newspaper in the world – toppled from number one, to nowhere.

What a disappearing act indeed – the paper that has murdered so many reputations being forced to commit suicide because of its own.

Oh, the speed of downfalls due to reputation – Arthur Andersen, Enron, Ratners etc. – no wonder that company reputation continues to be in the top three issues that keep CEO’s awake at night (the other two being lack of money, and the talent agenda).

What can you do if your brand suffers such a downfall?

It has to be big, it has to be sincere and it has to remove the causes.

Let’s measure those three against the actions taken by News International:

Big?             YES – and the closure was entirely unexpected by experts in the industry.

Sincere?    NO – the phone hacking story has been around for months, if not years. And watch out for The Sun on Sunday, coming soon (the domain was registered on Tuesday 5th July on behalf of News Corporation).

Cause?      NO, Rebekah Brooks (Ex Editor News of the World and CEO of News International) has to resign. If you are reading this, Rebekah, please resign now.  You will be going soon, anyway, so go now and show you have an ounce of decency as an accountable leader to the present day journalists who had nothing to do with the scandal.

And yet, despite all that has been said, and read, Sundays without The News of the World will never be quite the same.

With my love and best wishes

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  • Dave M

    An astute move by News International to bring the planned termination of the NoTW forward, it is the worst kept secret that it was on the cards from a business aspiration.

    However, I’m not sure they will get away with it that easy, the public wrath will increase as the full facts of their alleged practices is digested from the upcoming inquiries, and of course, it may well spread to the other tabliods, as I’m pretty confident this isn’t an isolated case, and you can see that played out in the way the other tabloids have played down their response to this.

    I also can’t believe that a paper who persued sackings of CEO’s like they did, refuses to follow suit. Personally, I read The Independent, so I’m only too happy to see less tabloids with less “Power”

  • The other tabloids are sure to be involved. The daily mail has kept particularly quiet. No surprise there. I sincerely hope the truth is uncovered. And I can’t believe Ms Brooks is still in place. To have 200 jobs sacrificed to save her own skin just doesn’t feel right to those who lost their jobs. One can only assume she is more to Rupert Murdoch than meets the eye given the backing he has given her.

  • The end was brutal. Many newspapers have gone bust in the past 24 months, mainly because they were not commercially viable any more because of advertising being pulled due to the recession, and not enough people buying them.
    The NOTW was the biggest commercial paper out there, selling millions and making millions.
    I agree that the end was nigh and it has been a Godsend for a newspaper wanting to cut costs for it to be able to close in such a way. The Sun will replace it, so sales maintained and costs driven down. Shrewd business.

  • This was coming. And it shows up journalism at its worst. You have to feel for those staff who have been made scapegoats.

  • Mark

    Just a cynical attempt to buy of opinion by closing a paper. Where most of those affected had nothing to do with the situation

  • How one woman has kept her job through this sordid affair, one can only speculate.
    I agree that her and Rupert Murdoch may have more than a business relationship going. maybe someone should hack into her phone to find out.

  • With the demiseof a National Newspaper a little of our democracy has gone too.To listen to the sactimonious humbug being peddled by Hugh Grant,Steve Coogan,John Prescott,Alastair Cambell et al is pretty tedious too. The actions of NOW was disgusting,and they precipitated this mess. The result of all this is that we are going to enter the world of censorship in one form or another.It is just too depressing. Thank G-d for the Naked Leader to lift the mood. More power to your elbow

  • Here, here. The bosses wanted it to go anyway to cut costs and reap the sales with a similar newspaper.
    Grant and co were all victims of the tabloids and now they are hailing them.

  • Cynical views are as welcome as not. There is so much to debate here. I guess the truth will come out in the end and it is clear that the News International brand has been tarnished worldwide.

  • At last, that woman has resigned. Not before time. Quite telling that the newspapers all have adverts today in them with a public apology from Murdoch. must have cost him thousands. and most are putting the money to charity.
    Interesting that Jude Law reckons his phones was hacked by Sun. What next?

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