The Power of Silence

Time to Read – 30 seconds

In a one to one coaching session, or negotiation, making sure that the other person fills the silence (a point made after a longer silence is often a truth)…

Or at home, finding somewhere quiet, and simply being with your partner or your children

Or, during a hectic day, getting away from the office at lunchtime, simply by yourself…

Action – any of the above

With my love and best wishes to you all (whispered)



  • Mary Hull

    Silence is golden. And it is,,Especially when the children have gone to bed.And when the cars stop going past at night..And when your team step up to take a penalty..And when you stump someone with an awkward question..And when a vuvuzela has been bunged..And when you sit that important exam..And there are so many more…

  • Mark Hammer

    I believe there are times in the day when you have to reflect and make sure you let off steam.Otherwise it's business only and you have to relax. The recent article on this site about putting aside 15 minutes of time each day to relax comes to mind.That's what i try and do. To grab any semblance of time I can to make sure I am sharp and alert and not feeling as though i wish I had stepped out at lunchtime, or whatever. Taking your mind off things for a moment can really help.

  • Chris Everton

    There are times when the silence can be beautiful and other times when the noise can be excellent.I always think the silence in a cinema when you're one of a handful of people in the studio is not so good as when the auditorium is packed and you get to feel that buzz. When i am at home I like to reflect on what I've done and what I'm going to do to make my next day a better one. That silent time is very special to me. On balance I think I prefer silence to noise and maybe you get to appreciate that more the older you get.

  • Paul Charlton

    Silent contemplation is part of my daily routine.I made sure I had 10 minutes today to reflect on the 7/7 bombings as this is the fifth anniversary. It's a difficult thing to dwell on but the time to myself helps my wellbeing.And I think we should all think how lucky we were that we weren't involved in some way.For those who were, I sympathise. For those who died needlessly. RIP.

  • Chris

    Silence is golden. That's the expression and I think it's absolutely right. To find those moments in a day when you can just be..without any interuption, is a wonderful thing.

  • Paul Charlton

    My quiet time today was especially pleasing as I was able to read a book. The power it gives you to know you are able to read, while other things are going on around you, is excellent.

  • Mark Hammer

    Just seen the (whispered) line in the article David. Truly inspired. Love your thinking!

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