The Power of Yet

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The Power of Yet

Please, write down three things – outcomes – you really want to achieve in your life, in any area, that you have not achieved.

No more than three – this is not one of those “The 1,000 places you must visit before you die” – cue, PANIC!

Just three, no more, no less. They might be about you, a relationship, your career or organisation.

Now, read through the list, realising that you haven’t achieved them, and based on knowing that you haven’t done them, feel as you now feel.


Now, read through the list again, realising that you haven’t achieved them


And based on knowing that you haven’t done them, YET, feel as you now feel.

That’s the power of yet. Use it – instead of telling yourself off for not doing something, add yet.

It makes you feel better, and will actually help you take the action you haven’t taken, yet.

And help others – when people whose lives you touch say to you that they haven’t achieved or done this, or that, be the one who adds, “yet.”

With my love and best wishes



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  • Frank Landon

    I wrote down four. Haven’t achieved two of them yet, desperate to get to all four. Is that allowed?

  • Thomas Frith

    I haven’t achieved any of my three yet. So right, though, I feel better as hopefully I have plenty of years to to get to the point where yet is no longer needed. And I have done it.
    Try is a word I don’t like. Because if you try and don’t succeed you are not trying hard enough. Not trying hard enough, yet, anyway!

  • Graham Stagg

    Yet is a cop out.
    It implies you are actually going to do something, when actually you might have no intention of doing do.

  • Sohail Khan

    I see Frank came up with four.
    David said, ‘No more than three – this is not one of those “The 1,000 places you must visit before you die” – cue, PANIC!
    Not paying attention, Frank?

  • Tony Weeks

    Two, three, four, does it make a difference?
    The important thing is you have goals and you try to realise them.

  • Dan Jones

    It makes a difference because the whole point was to mention three. So yes, it matters.

  • Liam Roake

    Great, provocative NL week again, David. Anything that sparks such a debate is obviously working.

  • Ethan Ross

    The simple messages are often the best.

  • Frances Granger

    Helping others along the way is vital.
    So if you can encourage them to say you haven’t done that ‘yet’ it may inspire them.
    The point is the people concerned have to want to do something and if they can’t be bothered to do it themselves then a little encouragement is bound not to work.
    ‘Have you done it yet?’ has a whole other meaning than ‘Haven’t you done that yet?’
    It’s all in the interpretation in the sentence and the way it is said.

  • Sally Hill

    Love the number three, three of anything means so much more and has more of an impact.
    Two is too few, four is a bit wasteful. Three is perfect.

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