The Power To Take Control

HELPING change young lives. There couldn’t really be a more powerful slogan than that and The Prince’s Trust is a youth charity that does just what it says on the tin.

It is an organisation that motivates, encourages and gives confidence to those aged between 14 and 30 who have struggled at school, have been in care, are long-term unemployed or have been in trouble with the law. Three in four people who have been helped by the trust have gone on to either work, education or training, with more than 600,000 young people benefiting since 1976. That’s fantastic.

As a supporter of The Prince’s Trust, as well as one of the charity’s ambassadors, David Taylor hosted a seminar for 35 young people who have received its support to help turn their lives around. This was part of their training to become Young Ambassadors for The Trust.

Each year, the organisation has around 250 Young Ambassadors – all of whom are determined to help other disadvantaged young people get their lives back on track.
David delivered the seminar to help the young people gain leadership skills, giving them the confidence to succeed.

Rahim Hassanali, who heads up the Young Ambassadors team at The Prince’s Trust, said: “The seminar was a phenomenal piece of training that really inspired and motivated the young people. It gave them practical tools they could begin to use the minute they walked out the door, enabling them to reach their full potential.’

One of those youngsters was moved to say at the end of the day: ‘The training really seemed to give me the power to take control of my own life.’

Now that’s powerful. Even if it allowed just one child or young adult the chance to view the world as a better place for them, it has to be worth it. Why don’t you come along to David’s next talk? You can view the details, here.


  • mary

    A friend of mind went to the Prince's Trust and they were helped in a way that no social worker could have possibly done. It helps a lot that there are organizations such as this that help out young people. The fact that it is endorsed by such people as David Taylor only serves to enhance the who ethos of what they do. I also know of a friend who donates money to the charity as that is how these people survive.

  • chris

    I agree the Trust is excellent in the work they do for you people. They love to look after those less fortunate and for a child to get a better start in life is absolutely amazing. They deserve all the credit they get. I also know of youngstyers who have been affected by hardship and they have come through well and it's thanks to the organisations such as the Princes Trust that they do go on to have better lives.

  • mary hull

    I think the work David does on behalf of the Trust should be noticed. Being an ambassador of such an excellent charity can only be a good thing.

  • mark

    Children need to be helped out where possible and the the trust is a great motivator for youngsters who have stepped off the straight and narrow. they do some good work and I read somewhere that you really have to let children develop if possible and really listen to what they have to say. That way they develop at a far faster rate. If for instance you decide you really listen to what your youngster has to say, and get down to their level while responding, you get so much out them. The prince's trust is for older children I know but the whole concept of teaching and learning is a great one if done properly.

  • chris

    Reading that again it really is a remarkable fact that the number helped is 600,000. They deserve everything the get.

  • mark

    That is only the tip of the iceberg though isn't it. Surely we should be hoping that many more are helped and we must all give to charities like this where we can because they do such a lot of good.

  • chris

    Thinking of charities I really thought the sports aid thing was great last night with all those celebrities doing well against the footballers in what was for a great cause. Could there be a better advert than playing in front of 70,000 people for charity. Some of those lads, like Gethin Jones, have done good things in their careers and to give something back was a great thing to do.

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