There’s things and then there’s the ‘Internet of Things’

THE Internet of things. What is that I hear you ask? And the phrase ‘The Cloud’. Does that leave you in a haze?

Justin Anderson
Justin Anderson

If so, the man who will help you emerge from the mist and cast away those shrouded thoughts is Justin Anderson, who is another high-calibre Keynote speaker at the Naked Leader Conference in October.

Justin is Founder, Chairman and CEO of Flexeye, a company that builds smart systems that drive sustainable performance, working with industry leaders to ‘connect things to the cloud’ and allow applications to be built on top of them, that provide additional capabilities for employers to monitor and manage their assets.

The Internet of things technology will have a revolutionary impact on the way we live and work, particularly as Justin anticipates that by the year 2050, 70% of the UK’s population will be living in cities.

‘At the Conference I will be talking about the Internet of things,’ explains Justin. ‘If you start with a thing, we live in a world that has an increasing number of devices which monitor that thing.

‘And that information is delivered into the cloud. From the cloud, we can build new applications that allow people to directly interface with things in a way they have never been able to before.

‘It will change business models. Create new products and services and create new relationships between organisations and their customers. It will change everything.’

Justin’s dynamism and wealth of experience at a plethora of prominent companies, has seen him develop into an engaging speaker and certainly not one to be missed.

The question is, are you ready as business leaders to embrace that change?

If the answer to that question is “yes”, then make sure you are booked in for that date in London on October 15 with Naked Leader. After all, where else would you have the opportunity to hear from an international technology visionary – not to mention many more world-class entrepreneurs?

In the parlance of Naked Leader – Just Do It!





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