Think About It – Logically

WE are always having to Think. We have to Think ahead, Think through, Think out loud.

Well, we should also be aware of how to Think clearly because it allows us to reason, then to derive a judgement upon which a correct conclusion can be drawn. It is an analytical way of thinking, where information can be sifted to make sure only relevant material is obtained.

Clear, or logical thinkers, draw reasonable inferences and their conclusions can be proved by the facts that support them. They focus on those facts, taking out an emotion.

So, clear thinking, by its very nature a logical approach to problem-solving, decision-making and case presentation is an essential quality in an effective manager.

There is still room for creative, lateral thought, but a logical approach is an essential requirement. A good manager should also have an aptitude for persuasive argument and to find fault with other people’s arguments.

To think clearly, obtain the facts, treat opinions with caution until they are supported by evidence, dig deep and take nothing for granted.



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