Think It, Then Achieve It – Seek And You Will Find

IS it possible to think something, then make it happen? Can the power of positive thinking – that ‘can do’ attitude – really have a dramatic impact on your business?

Speak to Michael Owen, of a company named onebestway, and he will tell you the answer is a resounding ‘yes’. Michael met Naked Leader founder David Taylor while the two were working on the TV pilot, the Naked Office, and he has recently been touched by the Naked Leader ethos in a way he could never have imagined.

Simply by thinking big and believing in an exciting idea – in keeping with the Naked Leader’s visualisation techniques – Michael’s business has taken a further leap forward.

How? Well, because spelling out his exciting vision to his staff was followed a few weeks later by a phone call from Russia, of all places. A Moscow-based university had recognised Michael’s desire to become the UK’s finest and soon after chose onebestway to re-brand the most significant marketing training course in the country’s capital.

Influenced by the positivity of his earlier chat with David, Michael explains how it happened.

‘Mine was a simple idea; but a bold one,’ he says. ‘I said to my team, look guys, I want us to be the most significant branding consultancy in the UK. This became the company’s vision. Then, two months later, the Russians were coming.’

It meant an unexpected breakthrough overseas which has obviously helped his company towards achieving its aim of conquering the UK.

“It got me thinking about the Naked Leader,” Michael says. “What really ties in with what David was saying is, if you think something, can it then happen? Because that is what has happened to us. And it’s created a real buzz in our company. We feel that we can do anything, now!”

What better example of visualisation – which David regularly mentions to clients – could there be? The concept encompasses knowing where you are now and imagining where you want to be, before working out how you are going to get there. Making it happen comes next.

The Naked Leader slogan is: ‘Your Future – Take it or Lead it…’ And thanks to adopting this approach, it seems Michael Owen is leading from the front.

(onebestway ( is a branding and marketing company based in Newcastle. Michael adds: “We deliver amazing design, now underpinned by ‘Real Branding’. Real Branding delivers clear messages that matter. Ordinary design and marketing does not. And when the message is clear, marketing costs are lower simply because you can deliver the message less often and achieve many more sales at the same time. The approach is very like David’s Naked Leader message. It’s unfussy, uncomplicated, simple.’)


  • Sarah

    Thinking something is great and if you can make that thought happen then that really is a powerful weapon to have in your locker.

  • Chris Everton

    The problem is if it worked like that you could also think negative thoughts about what might happen and then you are possibly going to get something you weren't wishing for happening to you.There are differnet ways of looking at these things. I guess the important thing is that they are all thought-provoking.

  • Paul Charlton

    Thinking is one thing, making it happen is purely another. Sounds like this company got lucky with a phone call out of the blue. Whether that is strategic planning is up for debate.

  • Mark Hammer

    I love the message here. It can be done if we think it.It's really about having belief and taking it on from there.

  • Jan Coppock

    I believe positive thinking really works. Business seems to be taking this on board now with NLP training courses available.

  • Michael

    I think that what happened to us here at onebestway was, at least in part, luck.However we do work very hard here and do whisper about what we are and do – far and wide.We believe in it too. We are niche and we are therefore not for everyone which is a bit scary in a difficult trading environment.But we're sticking to our guns and our clear messaging seems to be paying off. We know what we're good at and we tell the world.A little self belief really can work wonders it seems.Thank youMichaelMD, onebestway…

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