This Christmas – Just as you are…

Time to Watch – Pause at 2 mins 4 secs

There will be lots of films watched this Christmas time, so, joining in with the film theme, I have chosen one of my favourite clips and would love this to happen more often in real life.

I  give you… one of my favourites

A very Happy Christmas to you all, from everyone at Naked Leader


As always, we will be donating to the Prince’s Trust instead of sending cards

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  • Paul Charlton

    A lot depends on what that person’s faults are.
    Tourettes for instance. If my girlfriend had that, would i have to put up with it?
    We can alll put up with so much but some things are just not possible to do that. with.

  • Chris Everton

    That’s quite an extreme example and not a very good one in the context of the article.

  • Marcus Adams

    Tourettes is a very good example of someone’s annoyance. There has to be a limit to something you can tolerate, even at Christmas, in fact especially at Christmas.
    The last think you want when you a re munching into your brussel sprouts and stuffing is to hear an earful of swearing at the dinner table. That would test the patience of anyone. You only get a certain amount of time off and it’s time to relax, regardless of your family being there.
    I know from second hand experience. A friend of mine had the misfortune of taking home a girlfriend for Christmas after just four months of being together. She let rip apparently, giving his parents a mouthful just after grace. It wasn’t pleasant. needless to say they are no longer together.

  • Neil C

    Just relax, enjoy the day and forget about your troubles as a family. Make it work, whether or not someone tries to spoil it.
    As David say, it could be the last time…thankfully so in some cases.

  • Marcus Adams

    Easier said than done for some people.
    Some families thrive on problems. let them get on with it in their way without imposing anything on them.

  • Rakesh Noah

    The time to be civil to your family is Christmas. It shouldn’t be a hardship.
    And that film is excellent. It should inspire people to be nice to each other.

  • Marcus Adams

    Great film but my comments stands. Sometimes ructions happen in families. It’s the way life is. Nothing can change it, least of all attitudes.

  • Boris Cahn

    It’s too late now, there’s no going back, in laws have arrived early for Christmas!
    Oh joy!

  • Maureen

    I love my in laws and they bring me nice presents. I’m looking forward to seeing them and them me. It’s a civil arrangement,
    What is the point of hostilities? Where does that get you.
    Feeling guilty is the answer. And what’s the point of that?

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