This Christmas …

Time to Do – At your next opportunity

Be nice to people that you don’t have to.

We all know that it is important, for all sorts of reasons, to be “nice” to your partner, your family and friends, your boss, your boss’s boss, and so on.

What some people know is how critical it is to be “nice” – i.e. to treat with courtesy and respect – to people you do not stand to immediately and obviously gain from.

These include the waiter serving you lunch, the bus or taxi driver, that tourist who stops you and asks you for directions when you are already running late for a meeting.

Receptionists, cleaners, chauffeurs, Personal Assistants (PA’s).


• Because it is the right thing to do

• Because how we treat other people shows our true character

• And because it can help you – and not just to feel good…

Receptionists know people, cleaners overhear gossip, chauffeurs know more about a company overall than anyone else does, and PA’s are the most powerful group of people in any organisation – because they look after the diary – the time – of their bosses.

And what about when you are not being treated well, for example in a shop? Treat that person even better – he or she has probably had a very hard day.

Then, just watch what happens…

So, this Christmas and beyond, be nice to everyone you meet…

Or don’t – it’s your choice

I wish you a very happy Christmas

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