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YOUR success will depend on your persistence and belief, and this will be demonstrated by how much you celebrate any and all rejection that happens to you on your way to achieving your dream.

And the ultimate irony of success is that when you achieve what you know you will, it will be those people who told you that you couldn’t do it who will be the first to say well done. And they will say they always knew you could do it.

(Extract from The Naked Leader Experience)


  • Mark

    I love this type of thought. It's very illuminating. Thanks for the thought!

  • Chris

    I have lost count of the times people have said they know I won't be able to do something and then they decide, actually, they knew I could. I believe it is within all of us to make a difference and we all have a special gift which we must find, to excel, and prove people wrong!

  • mary

    How many times have people told me you can't do that! Not so sure they were wrong in most cases but in the cases where I was right, there was the odd occasion where an 'I told you so' moment was floated.

  • mary

    Love quotes from that book. And there is another out I understand.

  • clive barrett

    Glad you like the sentiments. I think it's a lovely passage too.

  • paul charlton

    If you want to succeed you will. It's that simple. You mustn't harbour doubts or let anyone think you can't do something. Just go out and do it. It's that simple.

  • Theresa

    rise above those well-poisoners who only think they “add-value” when they are destructive, negative, pointing out what is wrong. Make sure you are not one of them: be constructive, positive and say “well-done” to others for what is going right. Perfect love conquers fear: go for it.

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