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THERE are no ‘born’ leaders. However, we are all born with unique strengths that help us in our leadership journeys. They are within us, and with most people they stay within. The notion that leaders are born, and others therefore will never be leaders, is illogical, depressing and seriously limiting to every human being.

The idea suggests that the moment babies are born they either have the genetics to be a leader, or they do not. This argument would be fine if the definition of leadership and leaders had not been constant for the past 50 years, but it is not. Indeed, more has been discovered about leadership and human behaviour in the past 20 years than in the previous thousand.


  • paul charlton

    I agree that you can choose to be who you want, it's not just about being born a certain way. We all have gene of cousre although i don't think that's important when it come to becoming who you want to be. It would be quite worrying if you were born to be someone. You can achieve what you want and do it without having been pre-ordained to do something else.

  • mark

    Born not made is an over-used saying. You can be born to be something but you can also have the power to change who you want to be and perhaps you can be someone who someone else was born to be. David Cameron might have thought George Osborne was born to be prime minister, and George maybe thought that. Only it's David as David has put himself in that position because of the choices he has made.

  • Mary

    I'm also in the made not born camp. How can you be born to do something? You make yourself into who you are. Anybody can make themselves do anything if they really want to. Of course we all have different genes and we take these from our parents. But we can change and create our own destiny. That's my belief.

  • mark

    Pleased to see a coalition government by the way. That' excellent as we get the best of both worlds. The Labour way was losing so now let the others have a go.

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