Thought For The Month

MAKING a good first impression involves making eye contact and smiling – a genuine smile with your eyes and your mouth. Be genuinely happy to meet all new people.


  • Tony Weeks

    I love to meet new people. It’s a great thing to do and part of life that i enjoy.
    I always try to look at things in their character that I could maybe emulate if need be. Most of the time they don’t have facets of their character that i would want to. I can evaulate in a very short space of time.

  • Francis Greve

    Meeting people is a joy…except when you take an instant dislike to them…which happens a lot!

  • Mark Hammer

    Some people are easily liked and some aren’t. That is the nature of meeting people. If you don’t meet people then you don’t get to find out more about yourself.

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