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REDUNDANCY should be viewed as a new start, not as the end. It used to have a negative stigma. Now it is much more common and it is impoortant to remember it is the job that is made redundant, not the person.

Know this at every level. It may feel personal and it may be because the person didn’t get on with the right people. But it is always the job. How can any human being be made ‘redundant?’

(Extract from The Naked Millionaire)

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  • Paul Charlton

    I have been made redundant and know others that have too. I guess the above is true enough. It is the situation within a company that forces them to make that decision and you can be in the wrong role at the wrong time.Not being popular can come at a cost but ultimately, it ios the company's failings, not your own, which has caused that situation.

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