Thought For The Week

REMEMBER that your customers are people too and they deserve to be treated in the same way you treat colleagues and staff. Listen to them and pay attention to what they tell you.

Feedback from people who use your product, or whatever service it is you give them, is the best way of knowing your market and crucially, that you are providing what the customer wants.

If you always put the customer first, then your decisions as a leader or a manager are unlikely to be too wide of the mark.


  • Paul Charlton

    I agree the customer is the greatest part of anyone's business. They are the ones you have to have to sell your product so nurturing them is the thing to do.I have often wanted to wine and dine them but have no budget for that now.

  • Mark

    The customer's feedback can be a great tool.You have to know what you're doing right and if there is anything you may be doing wrong.That is something I always do as it's vital.

  • Mary Hull

    I am more often than not the customer and I rarely get asked for my thoughts. I wish I was asked sometimes. There are many places I go to that I am not happy with in terms of the customer service I get.I like to get value for money.

  • Gary

    Customers are the biggest asset to a business in my view as if you don't have any then you don't have a business at all. It's madness not to listen to what they have to say.

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