Thought For The Week

WHERE you need to reprimand an individual or group, remember that old adage, ‘praise before criticism.’

Otherwise you will create a wall and your thoughts will not be heard.This should apply to the way you deal with others, as well as yourself. Always use the positivity of your situation as a guide. Then bring in the things that can be improved. That way, you will gain respect.


  • Paul Charlton

    I have had that said to me before. You've done a great job etc…but…this is what you have to do to be better.It's a good way of dealing with people although sometimes it is better to land on a positive note at the end of the meeting, ie, you have been rubbish…however…you do this well and you do that well. All comes down to different styles and personalities.

  • Gabriel Yelland

    I agree, give praise first. They are built up and then you can let them down slowly. Happens all the time in my office!

  • Chris Everton

    I prefer to give the praise out first. It gets them listening.Then when you have the attention you are able to deliver that criticism and they can learn from it.

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