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‘TODAY, anything and everything I see, hear, touch, feel and experience is confirmation that I am on the right track in life, and is evidence that life is conspiring to help my dreams come true. In fact, today will be the single best day of my life, so far.’

(Extract from The Naked Coach)


  • Mary

    I always like to think something special is going to happen to me.It doesn't always work although you have far more chance of it happening if you believe that it might!

  • Tom

    Life cannot 'conspire' to help your dreams to come to. Conspiring requires a conscious decision. 'Life' (in the non-biological sense) does not have a consciousness and is, essentially, random. Hence this is nonsense.

  • Maia Arnoo

    Hi Tom. I think this is more of a technique which if you think positively about life and look for the good that's what you will see and the reverse is true. like when you think about buying a red car suddenly you see lots of red cars that you never noticed before. the mind is not just a linear logic system it is a creative and reactive instrument that can have a different views about the same things. anyway it doesn't matter really just enjoiy your days and then you don't need to bother whther things are right or wrong.
    take care.

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