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SOMEWHERE beneath the layers of dust, fear and limiting beliefs that have attached themselves to our lives, is the feeling that there is more, so much more; that our lives to date have been but a blade of grass compared to what we can be.

(Extract from The Naked Leader)


  • Paul Charlton

    I reckon we all have the potential to be a lot more than we are.It's like computers. We probably only use a fraction of the capcity, ie, what it can do if we really utilised the whole thing.We are like that. I intend to keep learning and finding out more about myself as the time goes on. No regrets is the key.

  • Mark Hammer

    Live life to the full is my motto. That way there can be no regrets.

  • Chris Everton

    Being who we are should feel comfortable although stretching ourselves to be something else, in terms of achievement, is the target everybody should be aiming for.I try not to settle for second best although I can lose well, as long as I've given it my best shot.

  • AaronT

    I think we all have the potential to do so much more. It's how we approach life that determines whether we achieve it or not.

  • Mary Hull

    I try and get a little extra out of myself each day. It’s not always possible because of time constraints although i really try to push myself.
    Physically I enjoy doing that as I like to keep fit and that keeps my mind healthy too.

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