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TRUST, ethics and integrity are the highest values in your team. Place corporate and social responsibility at the very top of your agenda and you can make your stated aim to be a force for good in this world.

(Extract from The Naked Coach)


  • I agree. Integrity is the greatest asset you can have as an individual. The way you carry yourself is very important and can influence others too.
    A nice reminder.

  • If you haven’t got integrity you shouldn’t be in business.
    Having said that i know a lot of associates whose scruples aren’t what they should be and that is a by-product of the recession. Most people want to get on in business and sometimes to do that, you have to cut a few corners.
    I am not one for doing that myself. I consider what I do to be very important and integrity and trust are what allows me to do what I do. It’s the nature of the job I’m in, banking, that I have to show those characteristics and thankfully, I believe I am a decent and honest individual.
    Once you build up your reputation you have more chance to progress in the business world.

  • Integrity? What is that? Is it something you earn? I believe it is. It is only for others to judge whether or not you possess it.
    You can be honest of course. But to have integrity must be viewed from the outside and recognized as such.

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