Thought For The Week

HOWEVER you want to be remembered, I am sure there is one epitaph that will be high on your list. You would want to be remembered for the good that you have done.

Your autobiography will live forever, in people’s minds, in what you leave behind, decided by what you do today.

(Extract from The Naked Coach)


  • People like to be liked. It’s a fact. They like to get on with people and make sure they make a good impression. Me, I just like to be myself and if people like me they do, if they don’t, then so be it.
    I think being our true selves is the most important aspect to all of this.

  • I would like to be remembered as someone who made a difference. That is hardly likely though.
    I will continue to lead my life in the way that may help others and influence people but when I think about what my legacy will be it fills me with dread.

  • Sometimes it’s best not to be remembered because it may just be for the wrong reason.
    There’s something to be said for taking life easy and not making too much of an impression.

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