Thought For The Week

WE human beings spend most of our lives working to recreate the unlimited potential we had in in those first few seconds on earth. And it was absolutely without limit.

It does not matter what circumstances we were born into, everyone had, and still has, an awesome inner ability. To achieve this we must look to our selves and trust our higher purpose.

(Extract from The Naked Leader)


  • I don’t believe I have exploited my own potential just yet. I hope to achieve it soon. And will work hard to make sure it happens.

  • I believe I have a way to go yet too. We all have if we’re honest. We’re always learning and can always do better and if we keep focused on what matters can achieve what we like in time.

  • Potential is a word i don’t like to use. It implies I haven’t made the most of what I want in life. And actually, I have. I have made a real go of things and believe I have fulfilled most of what I want to achieve. I am always looking for new challenges though. That is something else altogether.

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