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REMEMBER to have a cause. Put your cause before making cash – you will make more cash as as a result.

Your cause is what you stand for, what you are putting back into the community, the world, and how you are making a difference.

(Extract from The Naked Millionaire)


  • I love a cause. I often think about what it is I need to be doing before going out and earning money.
    I would say it was the other way around with me. The money comes first then the cause. I guess if you have a cause and you aren’t working then it would be easier to put that amount of time in.

  • Without a cause there is no reason to make money.
    Of course the cause is first. The will to live is a cause in itself.

  • If you have a cause then you can make money from that cause. Or you can choose to just act out on that cause without making a penny.
    My cause is helping people get on in life. I try to make things better for them when I come across people that do need it. For instance, I like older people and always remember that they were once young and carefree. Helping them by simply visiting them does me a lot of good. I don’t make money out of my cause although it makes me feel better.

  • A cause can make you money if you explore the right areas. You have to know where to look and who to ask. Then you can perhaps make money out of it.

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