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WE make it all up, this thing called life. Everything around us is make-believe, because everything around us is made up by people on the basis of their beliefs.

In many ways, our reason for existence is to give reason for our existence. We make it all up, so we may as well make up something that serves us.

(Extract from The Naked Coach).


  • Very well said. Life is a complex thing and we have to make the best of it for ourselves. Having a goal, a purpose is the main thing, be that holding down a job, or other role. Centering your life on something to make sense of why we are here.

  • I made up my mind about the life I wanted to lead a long time ago. I often deviate from the path although it is up to each individual how they want to live it. That’s the beauty of it. The freedom we all have to choose.

  • Most people prefer the simple things in life. That’s me all over. It can get too complicated. People and relationships can do that.

  • I like other people’s lives and learning to know them and their stories. i get a buzz out of that. Such as family members. If I had the time I could spend a long time talking to my grandparents about their lives. It’s fascinating. Sometime i think we ought to think of others.

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