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WHEN we know that we have enough, that we are enough, and that no-one and nothing can ever take those away from us, we have self-belief. And more, we know that our self-esteem is actually enhanced by having people around us who think differently, because we know that while we have enough, we can always learn and discover more. Not in a big-headed or arrogant way, just in a way of quiet, silent certainty. After all, if you do not believe in yourself, who will ever believe in you?

(Extract from The Naked Millionaire)


  • Mark

    There are times when i have wondered whether or not I believe in myself. on the sports field, other people can put their faith in you and you have to have that bit of faith in yourself to succeed.In business it can be the same. The job you have has been given to you by someone else. then it is up to you to go and make a go of it.So in that aspect you have to show belief although it's not always an easy thing to do.

  • Chris Everton

    Believing in yourself is not always an easy thing to do but it is helped by successes. If you can have a few of them and get the rewards it can be a big feather in the cap and you feel much better for it.Then it can take you from strength to strength and you can over achieve in the next of the challenges you may have set yourself.

  • Mary

    Sometimes it's better not to believe in yourself and let others do the believing for you. It kind of takes the pressure off when someone else thinks you can do something when actually you don't think you can. That way, they see the constant set backs and feel more sorry for you. And they keep believing in you until one day the law of averages says you are going to get it right.

  • Paul

    If only the England football team could have had a little less belief. Unfortunately in this country we have over-hyped the footballers into giving them a false impression. That they are good. The Premier League offers them so much they don't really need any more and the passion to play for England has gone. It makes you laugh when someone like Gareth Barry, who gave a guy a 10-yard start and still lost, is worth £21m. The fact is, however much it hurts England fans, the team are rubbish, over-blown, rich prima-donnas in an unreal world. They will take comfort from looking at this week's pay packet while tha fsn have spent life-savings to go and watch them. Utterly disgraceful.

  • george R

    Believing in yourself is one thing but carrying through that belief is another altogether. Andy Murray is a great example of that. He might believe he is one of the best in the world but he was outclassed today in the tennis with Rafael Nadal. It was a masterclass in how to play from the Spaniard. And yet Murray believed, truly believed, he had it in him to win. He just didn't. I suppose as a sportsman you have to think you are going to be a success although actually carrying it off on the big stage is altogether a different thing.

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