Thought For The Week

WE do not move forward in our organisations unless we realise one thing above all else. An organisation can never reinvent itself, it can never change, it can never do anything – only its people can.

(Extract from The Naked Coach)


  • People are the main asset and without them, there is no company.

  • Products are also vital.
    Without a decent product, you won’t sell no matter how good you are as a salesman.

  • A mixture of good staff, hard work, excellent products and a sound customer base.
    These things are essential. You also need funding to make it work. Then you have a business. Sounds easy doesn’t it!

  • Of course it’s both. having a good product is also not so great if you haven’t the right people to sell it.
    But it’s rather like estate agents. They don’t have to be good salespeople. If the people buying like the house then that is all that counts. You could have an estate agent that is great at selling but if it’s a one-bed flat in a run down area of a major city where no one wants to live they won’t sell it.

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