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THERE is one way to make yourself totally dispensable – by trying to do the complete opposite, by attempting to be completely indispensable. As you gather and hold onto all of that information, protect your private network like a personal army, and play ‘politics’ at every opportunity, you are digging a hole for yourself that will not only cause you pain when you are pushed into it, but, more worryingly, you will require scaffolding to climb out of it.

(Extract from The Naked Coach)


  • Boris Cahn

    That’s a good bit of reasoning.
    Some people can’t let go of the information they have gathered because they think it makes them all powerful and all knowing. Nonsense. They should share for the benefit of the team.

  • Paul Charlton

    I like to think i pass on the knowledge I have. okay so someone else becomes as knowledgeable but it is about the success of the team and everyone has to learn from someone else.

  • Maurice

    Holding on to knowledge is futile if what you want to achieve is something for the team.
    It can be detrimental to the team if that happens so it is best to be open and honest with what you know.

  • Cynthia James

    I agree, why hold back knowledge if that is going to hold back the company?
    Everyone should be less precious about what they know and work for the good of a business.

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