Time For Action – The Naked Leader Way

ONCE again David Taylor’s Naked Leader Weeks have been thought-provoking – not least on the subject of Brexit.

In particular, his first one after the historic vote, in which he invited strong leaders to Stand Up – Your Time Has Come.

So what are Naked Leader’s three key key leadership actions to turn Brexit into opportunity?

1. We are still in Europe – And always will be…

Identify the biggest opportunities and threats for your organisation, based on the reality of where you are. And while others get emotional, focus on facts i.e. don’t make your reality worse, or better, than it is. Who are your biggest trading partners? – People, organisations, countries? Focus on those.

2. Money – Choose Certainty over Doubt…

Times of uncertainty are perfect for going back to what you do best, and to simplify. To achieve both of these, identify and focus on the 10% of your projects / activities that bring in 90% of your financial value, and stop doing everything else. This is essential, powerful and the results are amazing.

3. People – Realise the unlimited hidden value that you already have…

While your competitors are locked in a limbo of debate, discussion and disagreement over what will happen next remember the best way to predict the future is to shape it – to decide what you will do next. This is what to do – especially if you will be recruiting less or need more than ever to attract the very best people – unlock and unleash the unlimited strengths, ideas and passions in the people that you already have. The results will astound you, as your people are more engaged, valued and fulfilled, and will really want to do what you really need them to do.

How many of you have done something along these lines since the vote?

It’s time for action.


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