Time to Say (and Mean it) – 1/10th of a second

It seems to be the hardest word

British minister Andrew Mitchell said it, and it was accepted (the fact he still lost his job is more to do with politics than anything else), Lance Armstrong and Conrad Black have not…

And hidden away behind all the negative news is the astonishing and incredibly moving story of Eric Lomax, ex Japanese Prisoner of War, who accepted his torturer’s apology, and forgave him…. ( now being made into a film starring Colin Firth.)

An easy word to say, a very hard word to really mean, and one of the most powerful single words in every language the world over.

If you are sorry about something, three tips:

1. Mean it – don’t say “sorry” unless you really, genuinely and absolutely are.

2. Do it in person – face to face.

3. Be absolutely specific what you are apologising about.

In your life, who do you feel the need to say “sorry” to, and mean it?

With my love and best wishes




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