Train Yourself To Succeed

RATHER like the queue at a train or bus station – there comes a time when people want to get on. Of course, in life, there’s no need to climb aboard public transport to get yourself moving forward, rather, you can decide which direction to take and then set about doing it yourself.

How? By first assessing your strengths and weaknesses and analysing the situation you are in. Once you know those answers, the power is your hands to start off in the right direction – and never look back.

How you apply certain actions depends entirely on your assessment of your own performance. Ask yourself where you are and what you can do. You need to know yourself, and what you want in life, as well as utilising your personal qualities which can contribute to helping you achieve the success you want. Ongoing development of your strengths will help too.

For your career management, develop self-awareness by analysing your achievements, knowledge and skills. Do this by viewing your performance with a critical eye. Ask yourself what you have accomplished so far?

List key events, happenings, incidents and ascertain the factors that contributed to that success. Was it initiative, hard work, determination and the correct application of skills? It might have been a case of you seizing the opportunity and exploiting it to the full.

Think too of the times when things have not worked out as planned. Don’t dwell on them though. Take out the positives while viewing the failures dispassionately.

What sort of person are you? What is your expertise? Your character traits are key to being able to evaluate who you are and what you are capable of.

Once you know that, you are on the way to appreciating what you want and how you intend getting there. Then the time is ripe for action – without the need for public transport!





  • Francis Greve

    Learning from your experiences in the past has to be the way forward as you need to learn from mistakes.

  • Sally Hill

    Assessing your own performance is not easy as you always err towards the cautious side.
    It is important to reevaluate what you do in life though to make sure you are on track, rather than just drift aimlessly, which is what a lot of people do.

  • Thomas Frith

    You have to know where you are in life to be able to make the right decisions and choices to move on.
    That way you can get close to where you need to be.

  • Ryan Norris

    You have to be brutally blunt with yourself and know exactly what it is you want out of life.
    Measuring up to someone else can be a hard thing to do.
    But measuring up to yourself should be easier.

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