Try to read this..

Time to Read TRYING – possibly forever, READING – 1 minute.

NO – you ARE reading this I said TRY!

When you say ‘I am going to try and exercise 3 times a week’, your friend says ‘I will try and get round to ringing you over the weekend’, or you partner says they ‘will try dieting on Monday’.

It’s not going to happen.

The self-talk which will allow ourselves off if we can’t be bothered to put the effort into something.

I asked you to try to read this – it’s a nonsense isn’t it? To talk about trying to do something you have control over?

There is so much we CAN do but we let ourselves off – I tried… it didn’t work out.

What we mean is

‘If there are no other distractions, I don’t think it’s too boring, I don’t read the paper or stay in bed for an extra 5 minutes, and no one else asks me to do something with them or to help them, I remember to bring your phone number home from the office, there are no biscuits in the house then I might do it if I’m still in the frame of mind and there’s nothing in the world I would rather do.’

Real trying is when you can’t control things like the weight of something you are ‘trying‘ to lift Or the response of other people when you are ‘trying’ to obtain raffle prizes for a charity.

Be honest with yourself if you have control over that part of your life then don’t just TRY – DO.

People who TRY – LOSE! – People who DO – WIN!


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