Twixtmas – a time for binge doing

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Andy Green sent me this inspiring idea to inviting me to participate – I think it’s something that all naked leaders would be interested in – so here it is…

Twixtmas – a campaign aiming to encourage everyone to make the most of the opportunity to take small practical actions to make the world better in some way.

The five days of Twixtmas campaign between the Christmas and New Year holidays – December 27th to 31st is often the time of the year where people complain of being bored and not having anything to do.

Instead of binge shopping, or binge drinking, the campaign is trying to encourage binge doing and overcome the problem of ‘time poverty’ – where people perceive they do not have enough time to do things for themselves or others.

The campaign web site offers practical advice and inspiration to encourage everyone to make the most of this under-used opportunity. The site also provides a free facility for sending a Twixtmas e-greeting card, and you can also download a Twixtmas pledge form.

To help people get the most of period the campaign has themed each of the five days with a focus;
Day 1 is about spoiling yourself and thinking more positively about you.
Day 2 is do something for someone else, ideally a stranger – help a neighbour or good cause
Day 3 is help a friend
Day 4 is doing something for the planet
Day 5 is do something for your future

The campaign is ideal to engage with people individually to do something, or for voluntary, charity or community groups who can either do something new or re-do an existing activity during Twixtmas. an idea originally conceived by social enterprise the Flexible Thinking Forum.

“Imagine if most people did five things during Twixtmas to make the world a better place. Would it be great if you did some small thing to help make this happen?” said Andy Green of the Flexible Thinking Forum.

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  • Kevin

    A really excellent idea! Also, it’s achievable because you’re not dedicating too much time each day to achieving a massive task, but can rest and play as well as getting your ‘good deed’ done for the day . Also good practice for under-promising and over-delivering on your new year’s resolutions. For those who like the appeal of this simple concept, you might also like the happinessprojectlondon blog ( Obviously very London centric – but the rules/guidance applies anywhere…

  • Geoff Sissons

    If we understand the real meaning and significance of Christmas we will already be doing these things on a regular basis, except item 1 comes last. If not, introducing another well meaning but flawed initiative, which is as likely to be kept to as New Year resolutions, won't have any real or lasting imact on us or the world. Knowing the Christ in Christmas is the key to real change.

  • mary

    I like it too.It's a time for families to spend time together but there is time in the day to go and do the things that will make you feel better about yourself.I know a couple of friends who went to an old people's home just to spend time chatting to the patients and sharing a bit of goodwill at a difficult time for some people.That was so rewarding for them. To feel as though you have really contributed to something positive must be heartwarming and this message has prompted me to think about doing something like that this Christmas.

  • George

    I will give it a try, it sound inspiring.I am not really one to drink and binge at Xmas anyway but to put to good use some spare time is a great idea.

  • Chris

    It would need to get me hooked to give up valuable Christmas time with my family and I don't think this does it for me. I would rather do my own thing and spend quality time with my family.I can see the benefits for people without much to do and with time to kill.It's just not for me.

  • Karen

    I like it. It means that the time we have which is generally wasted can be put to good use.

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