Changes Could Mean Red Card For Some

IS your business coach playing by the rules, or are they getting away with a sneaky foul behind the referee’s back?

Playing fair has always been the premise of good business ethics. So the Naked Leader (NL) is fully supportive of a new Professional Code of Conduct which has been filed by a number of coaching bodies with the European Union to regulate business coaching.

The Naked Leader view is that businesses should look at their strategy for introducing coaches into the workplace more closely and make sure they are getting the right coaches and they are doing it for the right reasons.

As NL’s Rosalind Howard explains: ‘There are coaches without qualifications, experience or some without a good code of ethics who can sometimes do more harm than good, so we encourage the new self-regulation that is to be introduced.

‘Coaches should be happy to sign up to a basic code practice. In addition, they should be utilised to address specific issues. In our view there is sometimes a tendency for companies to introduce a predetermined number of sessions in a block of say perhaps ten, when two or three might move the issue forward.’

Rosalind believes that by pre-prescribing the number of sessions, or just booking ‘another slot in a month’s time’, business people aren’t getting to stand on their own two feet.

‘Like all good coaches, we believe in outcome orientated coaching’, she adds. ‘Dealing with a certain issue, then resolving it, and only bringing someone in again if a separate issue arises. Otherwise there is a danger of being hooked up into needless long-term coaching which then acts as a support mechanism, without the individual taking responsibility for his/her own delivery.’

The Naked Leader coaching qualification is accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management, a highly-regarded professional body.

However, Rosalind is keen to stress: ‘It’s not just about NL coaches. Whoever they may be, as long as they have a good track record, have an ethical approach and even better if they are qualified, it can only be a positive step forward for the industry. We are not saying all coaches currently work outside of this type of code. Some do, though, so it does need to be regulated.’

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