We must be the change we wish to see

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We must be the change we wish to see, a poem by Shyam Mamtora, aged 10

“We must be the change we wish to see” Is a famous saying of Gandhi
How do you intend to make those changes?

To make a change in this world believe that
Gandhi was a revolutionary man
But India’s independence was non-revolutionary
In a gentle way he shook the world
Through the change he wanted to see

To make a change in this world believe that
This is NOT due to nations, armies, governments
But courage of and commitment of individuals
Remember Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln and Mother Teresa?
These are, without question, the change makers

To make a change in this world believe that
Everything you do
Every step you take
Every sentence you write
Every word you speak or DON’T speak – COUNTS
Everything matters

To make a change in this world believe that
You don’t have to be loud
You don’t have to be eloquent
You don’t have to be elected
You don’t have to be educated
BUT you DO have to be COMMITTED

To make a change in this world believe that
Take personal responsibility
Everything is your job not someone else’s
There is no need for co-operation or permission
Say to yourself, “If it’s to be, it up to me”

To make a change in this world believe that
Don’t get caught up in the HOW of things
How comes from the want and why of the change
Decision making come before problem solving

To make a change in the world believe that
YOU have to change
We can’t change others
When we change, it changes everything
This changes the world we want to see

To make a change in this world believe that
Increasing the habit of deliberately providing selfless service is good
As this desire gets stronger inner happiness flows
This is when we truly change the world we want to see

Thank you Shyam, for sharing your poem with the world

With my love and best wishes


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  • Sue Bailey

    if we all subscribe to these words then we wont have to wait for the next generation to grow up for the world to be a better place.

  • Paul Charlton

    I agree, we should all care about what we do and say and the world would be a better place.

  • Michael Sumner

    Making a change is easy. You just have to say you are going to do something and then do it.
    I often hear people say they are thinking about doing something. My answer is that it is no good thinking about doing something, you have to go and do it.
    Trying to do something is no good either for the same reason. Those who try to achieve and don’t are not trying hard enough in my opinion.

  • Mark Hammer

    No-one else can change you. You have to make that change yourself.

  • Marcus Adams

    Changing the world is not something I set out to do.
    Make little changes in your life and making sure they are maintained is the key to a happy lifestyle.
    I agree it’s something only you can do. It’s just a case of doing it.

  • Maurice

    The song says ‘Everything I do, I do it for you’.
    Actually, you should do it for yourself.

  • Neil C

    Change can only ever come from individuals.
    A ‘company’ is the individuals that make up that workforce and shouldn’t hide behind the ‘company’.
    As individuals and collectively as a group, we can make a company better by implementing change and that really is all about having discussions and agreeing on what will make the ‘whole’ better.
    It doesn’t matter if you are the cleaner of the chief executive. Everybody has a role to play and can make things better for themselves and the whole by expressing ideas, concerns and improvements.

  • Robert English

    I agree that the whole counts. everyone in a company can make a difference.
    make sure you do your bit.

  • Rakesh Noah

    That’s why in sports clubs the manager always goes on about the cleaners as being just as important.
    It’s true enough.

  • Shyam Mamtora

    Thank You everyone

    PS: If making a change is easy then why don’t you try and make the change… Challenge to the World


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