What Box?

Time to Read – Adults 30 seconds – Children you don’t need to

I love speaking at schools – it is nerve wrackingly unpredictable, great training in thinking fast and most of all, it reminds me that young people get this stuff.

nerve wrackingly unpredictable:

After contribution from a young girl of about ten

Me: “WOW – that is really thinking outside of the box”

Her: “What box?”

Great training in thinking fast:

Question – How can we stop our parents asking us what we did at school today?


Me: Tell them, they would soon get bored!

Young people get this stuff:

Me: “Everything that you need, to achieve anything you want, you already have within you”

Boy from audience: “Duhh”

So, as we conclude this children trilogy, what are you going to learn today, from a young person that you know?

With love to the child still within us all 

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  • Thinking outside the box. I never did see what that was all about? As you say, what box?

  • Speaking in front of children is something I have done a lot and it is very rewarding. Sometimes the things they come up with are just so funny.
    They should be encouraged to say whatever they want to you in response to your speaking to them.
    Open up their minds. There is so much to find.

  • Children have a habit of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time which can be embarrassing at a place like a school when you are speaking.
    As you say, keeps you on your toes though.

  • There aren’t many children who don’t come out with some classics at some stage.
    Let them have their say and they are a joy.
    On holiday, the smoke detector went off in our chalet and my seven year old daughter asked why we weren’t getting ot of the building. ‘Let’s look at some useful numbers in the book to see what we should do,’ she said.

  • There isn’t something you can learn specifically from children. Just a whole host of things that makes them tick.
    I love being around them although I haven’t got my own. Nephews and nieces are great. You can have them for a few hours then give them back!

  • Children and adults never used to go together according to my mother. Now there is much more of a partnership and it’s a much happier place because of it.

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