What Box?

Time to Read – Adults 30 seconds – Children you don’t need to

I love speaking at schools – it is nerve wrackingly unpredictable, great training in thinking fast and most of all, it reminds me that young people get this stuff.

nerve wrackingly unpredictable:

After contribution from a young girl of about ten

Me: “WOW – that is really thinking outside of the box”

Her: “What box?”

Great training in thinking fast:

Question – How can we stop our parents asking us what we did at school today?


Me: Tell them, they would soon get bored!

Young people get this stuff:

Me: “Everything that you need, to achieve anything you want, you already have within you”

Boy from audience: “Duhh”

So, as we conclude this children trilogy, what are you going to learn today, from a young person that you know?

With love to the child still within us all 

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