What’s your Ipad button?

Time to Read – 100 Seconds

Time to listen – 144 seconds

What’s your Ipad button?

For me, the most fantastic thing about the Ipad is not its screen, or its versatility, or even its apps.

It’s that single button.

It is now the stuff of legend that Steve Jobs insisted on just one button and how long it took to make happen – especially from “we’ve got it down to three” to arriving at the one. Not surprising, when one considers all of the PC / laptop complexity / technology / user guides that went before it.

To deliver such a wow, unique, pressable button.

And here’s the really weird thing –  I have absolutely no idea exactly what it does, or how it works, only that each time I press, it does exactly what I want it to do, and everything is suddenly ok with the world.

Goodbye technical complexity, hello cathartic simplicity.

So, what, who, or when is your Ipad button equivalent, in real life?

Is it a what? – Bobby Fisher used to say that he only ever found peace when he was playing chess – and only playing chess (perhaps that is what’s called being in the “zone”).

Is it a who? – You are very lucky in your life if you have someone who makes you feel as good as that button (make sure you tell them you love them as much as your Ipad button!).

Is it a when? – Your wedding day, a wonderful concert, a fantastic holiday (and the memories of each).

What’s your Ipad button?

With my love and best wishes



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