When I grow up…

Time to Read – Adults 50 seconds – Children you already know

If a young person you are close to, says they want to be an astronaut when they grow up, how would you reply?

Oh! What a big moment of choice for you – do you tell “the truth” and explain how difficult that would be – education, dedication, hard work?

Or do you say, “And you will be a very good astronaut”

I suggest the latter

Indeed, whatever your child/niece/nephew/young friend says in terms of what they are going to be, say the same “And you will be a very good…”


Because it will give them more choices in life (and higher self esteem), because tomorrow they will want to be something different anyway and because what right do you have to impose your limited beliefs on ambition?

With love to the child that is going to fly as a result of what you say to them today


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