Make Sure You Are Walking Down Quality Street

QUALITY and quantity. If you are going to beat off the competition in business it’s not just about the quality of relationship you have with your customers it’s the number of people who know each other from both sides too. The more people you have who know and trust your clients – and the more of you able to communicate and nurture the contact – the stronger that relationship and the more difficult it is for a competitor to to break it.

You also need the right people in your organisation communicating with your customers too. And make sure you know enough about them, otherwise it is impossible to create a strategic plan. Information gather, to know the needs of your customer and therefore strengthen the bond between you. Make your business partner want to be in the relationship. Trust and respect each other and they won’t want to go anywhere else.


  • Paul

    I agree that these days you have to know who you are dealing with and get to know as manay people in that organisation as possible. If you don't know your customers and what makes them tick you shouldn't really be in business. You will be losing money hand over fist if you don't listen to them and provide what they're after. And aftercare is essential too.

  • chris

    You need to know your customers and in my company we have a few people who ensure they know a few of our clients and we have regular visits to other premises so that you do get a broard idea of who these people are and what makes them tick. I still think there is a place for taking clients to lunch and schmoozing to ensure you keep them sweet. That's what I aim to do.

  • mary

    Sometime customers are a long way off and can't be looked after as well as if they were on the doorstep. So in that respect it makes sense to get to know them on the phone and make sure you are in constant contact with them. It's not always easy to do but making contact in whatever form is the way forward.

  • mark

    I used to get a lot out of making sure I spoke to the right people at the right time in the right places.It didn't always help to become over-familiar with them as they then expected the little things they weren't always entitled to. Like as a favour. Sometimes you can get too close although i do think you have to get to know your customers.

  • Dan1

    There is a desire in business for taking people out to dinner and lunch and golf and the like. I feel that talking to them is the best way. There's no need to scmooze as they call it. Just deal with customers, look after them and then you are most of the way there.

  • Chris Everton

    Relationships with your clients can be crucial. The point of sale means a lot and knowing who you are selling to and why they need it is a great selling tool.If you don't know what your customers want, and why they want it, you shouldn't really be in business.So it follows that the more you speak to your customers the better and stronger the tie-up will be.

  • Jake

    If you know someone in business in a company you have dealings with it is going to help you. That's a fact. Because it could be late on a Friday when you have to get something done and you know you have to reach that supplier. Having that face you know on the end of that line in a crucial moment could be the deal maker, rather than breaker. That's why it is best to know who you are dealing with.

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