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Get to the point. Fast.

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Poll: Policiticians rarely get to the point  


  • Tcp Hodges

    If they ever did get to the point they would be out of a job. Behaviours is a function of the consequences so they only ever circle around the point!!!

  • Soyara's

    I agree, get to the point and not waste people's time or energy. You need the meat and not the fat.

  • Soyara's

    I agree, get to the point and not waste people's time or energy. You need the meat and not the fat.

  • Paul Charlton

    It's not just politicians who don't get to the point. I was going around to a neighbour the other day and I decided to you know, try and speak to him about that programme on the tele when all those singers get together and try and win that competition. Anyway, I was going to round there and speak to him about that and then it all went a bit pear shaped and I decided i had other things to do and then I thought, well, I might as well go and speak to him when I have more time. So that was Tuesday and on the Wednesday I had that feeling, you know the one you get when you feel as though you have to continue a sort of mission. Well, I decided to go and…oh, sorry, i forgot what it was I was going to say…

  • Colin

    Getting to the point is something politicians are trained not to do. I have a friend who was a budding politician and he was the most infuriating guy when it came to trying to get a straight answer from him.Even when it was asking him if he was coming out for a drink.

  • Mark Hammer

    Time and energy is precious I agree. I like the meat and fat analogy.


    I agree with David. Especially the bit about getting to the point and doing it fast :-).

  • Chris Everton

    David Cameron was on the radio this morning. He wasn't getting to the point fast at all. He was put on the spot though. Lots of times. Nicky Campbell is superb at interviewing.

  • Chris Everton

    PS. George Osborne the other day too. Never got around to the point. Gabbled a lot!

  • Mary Hull

    Now that's a clever post. So many people take too many words to say what they need to say. Oh for them always to be so concise.

  • Gabriel Yelland11

    Love that, it's so to the point.

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