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In The Naked Leader Experience, (which, between you and I, is my favourite) I talk about how all this talk about work-life balance makes me feel very stressed indeed.

After all, it implies that when you are at work, you don’t have a life.

At any given moment in time, say right now, you are who you are, where you are and you are either in balance, or you are not.

So, what works (achieves the outcomes you want) in your personal life, may work in your working life, and vice versa.

Action – next time you put into practice a leadership technique at work, make sure you also give it a go at home, or vice versa

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  • Bruce

    I'm a firm believer in a way of behaving introduced to me as 'above the line'. This simply means taking ownership of my tasks, being accountable for my own actions and taking responsibility for the results. This also means that I can't make any excuses, blame anyone else or hide in denial.It is a standard of behaviour that I expect of everyone in the office.And because I believe this is the correct way to conduct oneself, I have introduced it at home too. It's so easy to apply to any situation and helps to determine the right thing to do, whether you feel you're in the right or in the wrong.

  • Mary Hull

    As you say, life should include work time too. I guess some people don't enjoy their work time and therefore imply to themselves that actually, work time is not enjoyable and their 'life' is therefore what's outside of work. That's quite sad really. I'm pleased to say I enjoy my job and don't get to thinking my life is only what happens outside it. I suppose it's a vocation for me, and in that respect I feel lucky. It's not always easy for people to get a new job just because they are not happy.

  • Chris Everton

    Some people have to work to live in their eyes because they might be in jobs that aren't giving them satisfaction. I can understand it from that point of view but surely life is far too precious to only live for ceratin moments of the day.

  • Paul Charlton

    Life is stressful if enough and you have to try and balance you work and home life although there is nothing to say you can't actually enjoy yourself and be fulfilled at work either.Try smiling at work. that works for me. Especially if someone annoys me. That tends to annoy them!

  • karen mclaughlin

    David the way i work reflects 90 percent on my home life with my partener Id like to thank you for giving me the confidence and making me see no reason not t do what i want i have now avhieved more and its all thanks to you and the day you spent with us in london i am so greatfull thank you my work and home life has now improved from karen mclaughlin

  • Antjam

    I think the problem with the work life balance argument is it purely ( in most cases) relates to time spent in each function.I agree if you are immersed in work and enjoying it then the balance is good. Take time to keep communicating with home and the stress melts away

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