Who would you rather be…?

Time to Read – Don’t – do something more useful, instead

Who would you rather be…?

Someone with a reputation for knowing a lot, or for doing a lot? 

Which would you rather have…?

In your organisation – someone with a head full of knowledge, who does nothing with it, or someone who applies what they know, however little it may be?

The knowledge economy, the so-called information age – is alive, thriving and totally irrelevant

Because there is too much of it – an overwhelming “too much.”

Being served a coffee is like being a contestant on Mastermind, we don’t watch TV programmes anymore, we surf them, and as for work – we do that at the weekend, as we spend all day reading and sending emails, attending meetings and reorganising paper.

Just as we rush rush with ever more accelerating data, knowledge and information, most organisations continue to stand still.

It doesn’t have to be like that:

  1. Next meeting have a clear Outcome, bring truth in the room, make true decisions and have a clear single page action plan – oh yes, and a time limit that you keep to.
  2.  Take a very deep breath, reaching for that number one priority – the one marked “too difficult” and DO something about it – oh yes, and dust off your childhood dream, before you are too old to be able to dust.
  3. When you get back from holiday, instead of reading your emails – delete them. People will call you for the important ones – oh yes, (and set up a separate folder (call it “ignore”) for all emails you are cc copied on.

It’s not what you know, it’s what you do with what you know, that really matters.

Everything else is just noise.

With my love and best wishes



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