Time to Read – A lot less than last week

A very big question, with three very big benefits to the asking…

Why we do something reveals why we behave as we do in every moment.

Why we don’t do something hides why we avoid doing what we know we need to do.

And more and more people are asking an even bigger question…

Why am I here?

I invite you, for just 24 hours, to make that all powerful three letter word real in your life.

Over that period, notice everything that you think, say and do, and everything that others say and do.

And keep asking yourself – “Why?”

It will open up a whole new world of fun, insight and revelation.

With love to you all

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  • Why we are here. That is the big one. I often wonder about that. Where was I before I was born. Where will I be when I’m gone. And how will I go. Sorry, that’s getting in to a few hows as well as whys!

  • Why we are here and for what purpose has always intrigued me.
    Why are we actually who were are? Why aren’t we somebody else? And were we something else before we were us?
    What is life?
    It’s an awfully hard thing to get your head around.

  • Deep subjects often scare people.
    Why we do anything at all is a mystery. Why are we set up to even ask the question why? If we thouht about it too much we would tie ourselves up in knots and wonder why we bothered thinking about it!

  • Why do we have to ask ourselves why we are here?
    Let’s just get on with being here and enjoy it.
    There are those less fortunate than ourselves who may well wonder what have they done to deserve their life.
    For me, I just try and enjoy every second.

  • Why not? We should all be asking ourselves why and enjoying what we have while we have it. That’s life and we should be making the most of it, not just drifting through it.

  • Why is an open question and we should alawys be asking open questions of ourselves and others.
    Why not speculate as to why? Why are we here is often something I think of. I try not to dwell on it too much. Drives you mad!

  • There is a constant need from some people to ascertain why we have been placed on earth.
    I like to think it is only temporary stay and that we are going on to bigger and better things.
    Religion is a factor in my beliefs. There is life after death I believe and that helps me enjoy life a lot more in the meantime, knowing i have a better life waiting just around the corner. Otherwise, what has it all been about.

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