Widen Your Net To Catch Clients

THERE was a time when only small creatures with eight legs showed any interest in catching anything in their web. Now, with businesses needing to spread their their wings to survive, helping a firm become more prolific online can be the difference between their success or failure.

Competing with other businesses can be costly when it comes to matching advertising spend. So how about making your company, large or small, more visible on the Internet? This can be done by paying for an advert online. Not necessarily an advantage on the face of it until consideration is given to buying only key words to ensure a website comes up on searches around the globe far more frequently.

For instance, Google has an adwords scheme whereby firms can pay for a word or a combination of words, with a sliding scale on cost depending on the popularity. A spending ‘limit’ can be obtained and once it is reached the clients’ website won’t come at the top of the list on search engines.

Research shows that firms with an online presence are able to expand four times more quickly than those who do not and going that extra mile to make sure the visibility is at its optimum could see a company transformed. Go on, get that customer caught up in your web!


  • This is true enough as there are certain words that are key into getting the business you have in the public eye.
    That means getting it to come on Google near the top of the page to ensure you are seen.
    My friend had a firm that was not being noticed and she had to make sure she made the right decision in getting noticed. It has paid off.

  • Websites are key to a business success and have been for years.
    You can be sure other businesses ensure they are recognized so it makes sense for everybody to follow suit, or risk losing out on plenty of opportunities, and sales.

  • Websites are becoming more user friendly too. Some firms and companies are realising that without one they are not going to attract the business enjoyed by competitors.

  • I like to contact those companies whose websites are not being updated, just to ask them how they think they are going to get on if the site is not updated. Keeps them on their toes and yet there is nothing worse than seeing a site that hasn’t been updated for weeks.

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