Will You Spring Into Action?

ASK yourself these questions.

* What’s your biggest dream?

* What do you want to achieve long term?

* What does success look like to you?

* What’s important to you?

Then, consider where you are now, before appreciating what you have to do to get to where you want to be.

Then do it! Words mean nothing without actions.

(Extract from The Naked Coach)


  • Rakesh Noah

    Love the fact that thinking is not what we should be doing, it is the doing!

  • Henry Atkins

    It makes we wonder how many people out there actually plan ahead, have a goal, have a vision.
    I’m the opposite, i live my days as if they are my last.
    It’s difficult when you have lost a friend when they were young and makes you realise life can be all too precarious to plan.

  • Jackie Witney

    I think its good to always have a goal/dream. As long it doesn’t take over from appreciating everything else happening around you.
    Thinking of death for me is a motivator, and my motto is live with appreciation of each day as if it was my last with the feeling that there will be a tomorrow, otherwise it makes it all too sad and I wouldn’t enjoy living it as if it was my last.

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