World Class Toolkit – At Your Service

FOR the modern business owner, a toolkit no longer automatically conjures up images of a spanner, a variety of screwdrivers and a good old adjustable wrench!

These days, the term is applied to many forms of information and content, and some of the Naked Leader’s vast array of coaching ‘tools’ were explained and passed on by our own masters of the art in the inaugural Professional Level Naked Leader Coaching Programme.

You have already been the focal point of your past. How about receiving an invitation to your future? That, as well as considering the ‘Formula For Guaranteed Success’, were just two of the many empowering elements on the two-day course led by Naked Leader trainers Mike Applegarth and Sian Posner.

They were delighted with the session and speaking about their experience from the teaching perspective they insist that participation is a ‘must-do’ for those hoping for a future in coaching.

‘Our group of coaches applied the skills they had learned during structured role-plays,’ explained Mike. ‘They learned the differing impact of applying other tools such as the ‘Obituary’ and the ‘Pendulum’, and how to assess the worth of an action to a coachee. They also learned that while David Taylor’s The Naked Coach is packed full of great ideas, the real learning comes from doing.

‘The Formula for Guaranteed Success’ left people in no doubt what could be achieved from the programme or what delegates could personally accomplish.’

Mike applauded the commitment and enthusiasm of the delegates and enthused: ‘They displayed a natural aptitude in the ways they supported one another and shared their experiences. There is every indication that come the end of March, we will have a very capable group of Naked Leader Professional Coaches, endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM).’

Sian added: ‘The programme provided an opportunity to learn, experience and practice the tools of coaching using the Naked Leader model. The delegates used Naked Leader tools to find their dream, analyse their legacy to the world, and seek out what their head, heart and gut were telling them about their plans for the future.

‘Practising these powerful tools using probing questions ensured a lot of honesty in the replies and the solution-seeking action plan. Establishing the ‘The Deal’ brought about the commitment to seek alternative solutions if the first plan didn’t work.

‘The active and lively participation demonstrated an eagerness to learn new skills, to grow in confidence and also the preparedness to challenge and probe when appropriate. This excellent group learned, practised and experienced the effects these tools have to stir up and empower their coachees into action.’

Naked Leader founder David Taylor added: ‘Our first Accredited Coaching course helped train people in our techniques, and we now have our very first group going forward to be assessed for what is the first level of Naked Leader Coaching. With a lot of hard work, allied to guidance from the ILM, we have an endorsed programme we are proud of. So if you want a coach, or to develop as a business coach, then just get in touch.

‘It works for me – it works for many – and you should never be too proud to say you need a helping hand.’

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