You have 3 Seconds…

Time to Read: 3 Mins Maximum

You have 3 Seconds…

To make a personal, powerful impact. That is the maximum time in which we decide if we like someone, or not. If someone doesn’t like you, they won’t trust you, value you or do business with you.

And, if someone hates you on the first meeting, they will probably end up as your husband or wife!

Making an immediate positive impact is one of the most important skills there is.

Bob Perry is our Naked Leader Expert in this area, and on Thursday 12 February he will share the most proven, practical, powerful essentials of personal impact

For now…

When meeting someone for the first time, give them a warm smile, match their handshake grip, and then ask them a question about their favourite subject.

That means you both have to discover their favourite subject in under 3 seconds, and know enough about it to ask them a question…

OK – here’s a technique to discover their favourite subject – read the next word:


Next, the best question to ask:

In brief – any question that shows an interest in their favourite subject (themselves) and then gets them talking about said subject (still themselves):

At a business networking event: “Where have you come from today?” (Not “what do you do?”)

When being introduced by someone: “I am very pleased to meet you, and how do you know… (name of person introducing you)”?

When meeting in a social setting after “Pleased to meet you”, ask “and how are you today?” (Not just “how are you?”)

Or, if you are running a hotel:

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